Saturday 29th April 2017


Suitable for beginners, this is an introductory workshop on the technique of drawing portraits with graphite pencils.

The workshop begins with a description of drawing materials, an explanation of the use of line, tone and proportion in drawing the basic structure of the human head.

Anyone can learn to draw, there is no mystery and talent is not a necessity. All it takes is support from a good teacher and lots of practice. You will need to bring a photograph of your Portrait subject that is clear and is a good likeness.

What is an ARTPAD workshop like?

ARTPAD is a friendly and inspiring environment where you can relax and spend time being creative and having fun. All materials will be provided along with a workshop handout that explains what you will be doing. The tutor will demo or explain things and will be on hand throughout the workshop to help and guide you. We have a break for tea and biscuits, time to chat and a look at each other’s work. 

Refreshments are provided on the day. Unfortunately ARTPAD doesn't have wheelchair access, but we do provide outreach! Places are £25 per person, please book in advance.

Pencil Portrait Workshop - 1 Place

£ 25