Adults and Young Artist Classes

Art classes will commence again from 20th September 2017

They will be held at ASDA Community Room, Colne.  All classes will be one hour long and cost £5 each  (Home School £7 each).


Dates and times can be found below:

Adult Classes

Dawn is an artist and an experienced teacher in a wide variety of mediums. She will be available during classes to help you to improve your art and your confidence. Meet with like minded people, relax and have some time for you:

Wednesday 7-30 - 8.30pm or Thursday 10-11am (dates below)

ASDA Community Room, Colne

£5 per class

Wednesdays - 20th Sept, 4th Oct, 11th Oct, 18th Oct

Thursdays - 21st Sept, 28th Sept, 5th Oct, 12th Oct, 19th Oct, 26th Oct

Young Artists Classes (Ages 5-19)

There will be a wide variety of art and craft materials available. Allowing your child to explore their creativity under the guidance of a qualified teacher:

Wednesday 6 - 7pm (dates below)

ASDA Community Room, Colne

£5 per class

Wednesdays - 20th Sept, 4th Oct, 11th Oct, 18th Oct


Home School Classes (Ages 5-16)

Dawn is a qualified teacher and can deliver art and technology education with a planned session. She is also qualified to deliver Arts Award qualifications:

Thursdays 12 - 1pm (dates below)

ASDA Community Room, Colne

£7 per class

Thursdays - 21st Sept, 28th Sept, 5th Oct, 12th Oct, 19th Oct, 26th Oct

Our Mission: To support you in living a creative life.
  • Are you caught on a continuous treadmill: work, chores, responsibilities, and pressures?
  • Do you long for a more relaxed, happy life and to get back in touch with your creativity ?
  • Maybe you haven't done any art since leaving school but used to love it.


  • Have you a stack of art materials but never find the time to use them?
  • Full of imaginative ideas but don't know where, when or how to start exploring them?


  • Do you wish you could make art or crafts that sell, bringing in some extra income?
  • Would you like to meet people who feel the exact same and are doing something constructive to change.


Our Vision: We will nurture the love of art and creativity in children as they grow ... 

All children need at least one adult in their life who will nurture their creativity. Someone who supports them in exploring ideas, making decisions and taking chances. Being creative fosters the belief that anything is possible and develops creative thinking and problem solving skills through exploring the world. Art allows children to express feelings and emotions, enables them to use their intuition and allows them to construct their own interpretations. 

We have gained Arts Award centre status to help with our vision to support young people to develop as artists and arts leaders of the future.

... and we will support adults in remembering it!

Childhood experiences can make a lasting impression and the creativity, fun and magic we enjoyed as children leaves many adults looking back and wondering when it all stopped.

If you look closely it is clear we are all still wonderfully creative in our everyday lives. You choose your clothes/jewellery/make up, cook your meals, tend to your garden, make your interiors beautiful and welcoming. You may manage a budget, love telling jokes, write in a diary - the list is endless and you are creative. 

ARTPAD is an inspirational environment in which you can explore your creativity & imagination through art, craft & design.  We believe customers young and old can have a spirit of adventure & imagination!  

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