Anyone can learn to draw and paint, there is no mystery and talent is not a necessity.  All it takes is support from a good teacher and lots of practice.  People worry that they can’t draw or the teacher will expect great work. However it is more likely that they just haven’t practiced.  You don’t get better when learning to play an instrument unless you practice... a lot! It’s the same with art. With art classes and drawing classes, you will take time to practice and improve your skills. 

“It is really rewarding to see an improvement in someone’s work over a period of time” Dawn Beedell (Teacher)


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- A way of relaxation and stress relief.

- Meeting other adults with a shared interest in arts and crafts.

- Keeping the mind active and building self esteem and confidence.

- Art and Crafting is relaxing, stimulating and fun as you become absorbed in the process of creation, making decisions about which materials or colours to use to best express yourself and what you are wanting to make.


-A study by The Arts Council England shows that people who regularly engage in arts and culture are almost 60 per cent more likely to report good health than those who do not. Allowing oneself the time and space to engage in pleasurable pursuits shows a level of self-care and an awareness for your own wellbeing.


The Arts continue to struggle to keep a place on the curriculum as more and more emphasis is placed on testing/exams and gaining academic qualifications. ARTPAD firmly believes that children need a balance of fun and creative activities for their own wellbeing.


Children with a special interest or aptitude for art can gain extra tuition from a qualified teacher with the advantage of a small class size.


Children can let their imagination run wild as they work on their own projects or take choose from a wide range of art and craft activities.


Children can make friends, have fun and work with others with similar creative interests.


Taking part in activities will improve children’s confidence, technical skills, decision making and problem solving abilities.

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