Saturday 11th March 2017


Mandala means circle and is a sacred symbol representing wholeness. It is basically a pattern that starts from a centre which could be a shape/symbol or image and grows outwards as you reflect. The mandala grows as you add more layers, choose colours that reflect how you are feeling or what you are thinking about. A mandala comes from within so it may just reflect your mood at any given time, or your favourite things, it may be divided into sections of your life like work, family, love etc. It may be even focus on your future hopes and dreams. Creating a mandala is a tool you can use to focus on your life, it is a very calming and meditative and personal activity.

In this workshop you will create your own unique, personal mandala with colour and symbols that can be used as an affirmation tool to move you forward in life and map the changes you desire.  

Follow step by step how to design and draw your mandala and then add colours, textures, embellishments and more to bring your mandala to life.

What is an ARTPAD workshop like?

ARTPAD is a friendly and inspiring environment where you can relax and spend time being creative and having fun. All materials will be provided along with a workshop handout that explains what you will be doing. The tutor will demo or explain things and will be on hand throughout the workshop to help and guide you. We have a break for tea and biscuits, time to chat and a look at each other’s work. 

Refreshments are provided on the day. Unfortunately ARTPAD doesn't have wheelchair access, but we do provide outreach! Places are £35 per person, please book in advance.

This workshop is also available online at HowNow

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Mandala Workshop

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