Arts Award

ARTPAD can now offer Bronze and Silver Arts Award

Bronze Arts Award is available to anyone aged 11 - 25 and is a Level 1 award on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) 

Silver Arts Award is available to anyone aged 14 - 25 and is a Level 2 qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

We can offer Arts Award in the following areas- Visual Arts, Craft and Design

  • Arts Award’s unique qualifications support young people to develop as artists and arts leaders
  • The programme develops creativity, leadership and communication skills
  • Arts Award is open to anyone aged up to 25, and embraces all interests and backgrounds
  • Through Arts Award young people learn to work independently, helping them to prepare for further education and employment

After School Clubs

As part of our Outreach service we are able to provide enrichment activities and after school art clubs. We have kept several slots free on our timetable . Art clubs can be targeted at any Key Stage and any art, design or craft theme (subject to available space, equipment and resources).

Schools could decide to run Arts Award (see above)through either extra-curricular enrichment or an after school club. The tutor Dawn is an Arts Award adviser, currently registered to deliver Bronze and Silver Arts Award. This means she is able to deliver and assess Arts Award in your school and register your school as an Arts Award centre.

If you would like to discuss Arts Award, Enrichment or After School Clubs please enquire.

Summer Schools

Pendle Vale College Summer School 2016

ARTPAD hosted two workshops over a day at Pendle Vale College, Nelson. The activities were aimed at new learners, making the transition from Primary School to Secondary School. Workshop 1 was a Banksy Graffiti Workshop where students learnt about the graffiti artist Banksy and then went on to design their own stencils and cut them out and use some recut stencils from a street art book. 

Workshop 1 was a 'Banksy Graffiti' workshop and students found out about the artist Banksy before going on to design their own stencils and safely cut them out and they also used some pre-cut stencils from a street art book. Students learned how to stencil in black and white and add touches of colour using paint pens.

Workshop 2 was a 'Wire Sculpture' workshop and students looked at some wire sculpture artists and then produced a sample piece incorporating different wire bending and joining techniques. Students then chose an animal and shaped it out of wire before adding tissue paper to enhance and strengthen the structure.

If you would like to discuss ARTPAD hosting workshops in your school please enquire.

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